Nationwide Artificial Breeders is a proud family run and owned business. Company principals, John and Noelene Pickford established Nationwide Artificial Breeders while on a dairy farm in 1991, with their children Jaimee, Brad, Jarrod and Drew.

Back in 1991 there were 11,000 inseminations conducted. Since then, the company has set up AI programs in every state of Australia and now amass approximately 300 inseminations every single day of the year. (110,000 per annum)

John has been involved in the artificial breeding industry since 1973.
Through dedication the business is now based at Noorat, Ballarat and Hamilton in Victoria and has expanded to include pregnancy testing, calf dehorning, semen collection, freeze branding, crush side semen analysis of bulls and pregnancy ultrasound scanning.


Today, sons Brad and Drew are also involved in the business. Brad runs artificial breeding and pregnancy testing schools while also conducting dairy heifer programs using sexed semen. Drew runs the two semen processing facilities based in Hamilton and Ballarat. The facilities process, freeze and test semen which is then stored or sent Australia wide.